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Cymdeithas Pysgota Tregaron Angling Association

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Tregaron Angling Association was formed sometime in 1916, when a number of local anglers got together to form a group to arrange some fishing agreements with local farmers, for the local and visiting anglers. The upper Teifi around Tregaron in those days was a superb fishery. It had not changed much since the day the George Agar Hansard, who wrote of Tregaron fishing in 1834 'This is among the finest angling stations in South Wales'.


In the thirties the club expanded considerably, and acquired more water and actually built a bridge across the Teifi, below Argoed Hall.  D. D. Williams, of Argoed Hall was Chairman for quite a long time, and it was the custom in those days for the manager of the Barclays Bank to be the secretary/treasurer. Mr. Gibbs was there in the early forties and as bank manager was able to help materially to acquire fishing from farmers. He was followed by other very efficient bank members although not all of them were anglers, they held the reins of the Angling Club and the permits were actually sold at the Barclays Bank.


Mr. Frances was the manager in the late fifties, certainly one of the most prosperous times in the development of the club. He acquired considerable fishing on many farms between Tregaron and Felin Goyan. The important centre of the fishery in those days was as Pont Llanio and the milk factory. Despite pouring considerable amounts of milky substance into the river, which also contained mini maggots which grew on the milk pipes, which ensured top quality trout in the river.


The River Teifi from the forties until the late sixties was a Spring Salmon river with most of the local salmon anglers taking a few salmon before the Easter holidays. Tregaron water was a good Spring Salmon fishery with the best of the Salmon fishing over well before the autumn months.


 C.P.T.A.A. has been in existence for some 97 years and it seems that the C.P.T.A.A. has never been so flourishing.



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